Why Real Estate Agents Change Offices

My Real Estate agent just changed offices

Why Agents Move OfficesMore than likely you chose your Real Estate broker/agent because they came referred by a friend or colleague or they’re already someone you know & have come to trust, which is thee most important aspect of choosing a broker/agent.

If your agent changes Real Estate companies while you have your home listed you need to understand your listing agreement/contract is with the company not the agent. Your broker/agent acts as a representative of said company, and once the agent leaves that office all listings remain with the company. The Designated Broker of the company may assign the listing to another agent/broker in the office to fulfill the companies’ obligations of the contract. You may not know or even like this new agent.

Sometimes, depending on company policy, the Designated Broker will allow a broker/agent to transfer listings to the new company. Loyal customers usually want to be true to their agent and can request to withdraw their listing in order to follow their broker/agent to the new company. It is probably in the best interest of the Designated Broker to let those listings go, after all the relationship is usually built on a rapport between you the seller and your broker/agent.

What About My Deals?

If an agent has any pending sales or listings currently they’ll need to negotiate how those will transfer. Usually any pending sales stay with the current company.

It’s important to note that your broker/agent has worked hard to earn your business. Successful real estate broker/agents take the tools they have learned and use them to carve out a niche in their marketplace. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and good marketing skills to be a good real estate professional. When your broker/agent chooses a great company to work for, it’s a Win-Win for the you!

Remember, the greatest compliment you can give your broker/agent is your loyalty.

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