Why Curb Appeal Matters

Like it or not first impressions matter, when a buyer sees your house for the first time they are already forming an opinion of your home and whether or not they would like to purchase it. If all they see are weeds in the flower bed and grass too high they are making a mental list of things they’re already going to have to work on, even before they step foot into the house. At first glance you want your home to leave potential buyers excited to go inside, not wondering what they will find.

The term “curb appeal” generally means everything you can see from the street or the car as you are pulling in. This means everything from trees, shrubs, the paint on your house, grass, flowers, and any other additional landscaping. Previous generations of sellers would spend hours making sure these details were taken care of because they knew it mattered.

Curb appeal also helps the seller when it comes to the bottom lined. Two houses could be exactly the same but if one has an overgrown lawn and dying shrubs then the second house is much more likely to be sold for a higher price. Buyers see value in the second home because curb appeal sends a message that this home has been taken care of. They want to know they are making a wise investment.

A well taken care of lawn and surroundings can also set you apart from other sellers in your area. Look at who your competition is and gauge what their yards look like compared to yours. Could your porch use a new coat of paint? What about your scuffed front door? Small details can add up to where your home is more memorable for not a lot of money.

Curb appeal is something often overlooked by potential sellers. However, just like you should never try and list a home with clutter to the ceiling, you should do your best to make the outside of your home as presentable as possible. It can be a dealbreaker for potential buyers at worst and at best it can add value to your home without spending nothing but a little time and hard work. Keep in mind that first impressions are often everything and hard to change once they’ve been made, you want your home to reflect as positively as you can.

Don’t let your home be a “Drive by”, entice them to stop to take a closer look.

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