Why A Pre Qualification Letter is so Important in Todays Market [Video]

Why is it so important to have a pre qualification letter from my lender?

Ever wonder, in this crazy real estate market of multiple offers, why one home buyer gets their offer accepted over another? Did they offer more? Maybe. Did they do or say something in their offer that made the sellers take their offer over others? Probably not!

So, what is it?

Most sellers are strongly encourage to accept offers that come from a home buyer who has gone through a pre qualification process!

In this video, I sit down with McKenzie Kelly (NMLS#1093037) of Prime Lending to discuss the pre qualification process, how easy it is and most importantly, how it can impact your home buying power!

I hope you enjoy this short video on why a pre qualification letter is one of the most vital tools you can have when the time comes to buy your next home.

I’d love your thoughts on this so please feel free to comment below and be sure you share this or tell a friend or family member about this video (and me if they haven’t decided on a professional real estate broker…nudge, nudge…wink, wink) who may be in the home buying process.

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