What time of the year is best for selling your house?

When should you consider selling your home?

Whether selling your home in the Spring or the Fall, most homeowners agree on one thing…they want to get the most money for their property. But what time of the year is best for selling your home?

I recently spoke with a homeowner who asked me to sit down with them to discuss the possibilities of listing their home with me. One of the first they said was, ” We’ve been told that spring and summer are the hot seasons for selling our home. Is this true?” “My immediate response may shock you. The seasons don’t matter as much as does the condition, price and location” I replied!

However, if you’re thinking about selling your home and want to capitalize on the weather to capture more eyes and more interest, there is little argument from me that Spring is one of the best seasons for selling your home.

Why is Spring a good time to sell my home?

Certainly the merits to listing your home in the spring is pretty simple. The sense of rebirth and the very real fact that old man winter is (finally) retreating back to his home in the North allowing for Mother Nature to start the growing season! Add to that folks are eager to get out and the thought of buying a new home just seems to fit in with the whole Spring thing!

Is Summer a good time to sell your home?

As Summer unfolds, so does the vacation season and the thoughts of having fun! None the less, many waterfront properties find the summer to be the best time to capture those home buyers who are looking for the views and the chance to play with their toys!  

Can Fall be a good time to sell my house?

As Autumn approaches, the real estate buyers may be looking to resettle into a new school district before the school year begins.

Any way you look at it, the seasons can play a role in when you sell your home. That said, if your home is priced well, in good condition and has a desirable location, then the time of year should have little bearing on when to list and therefore, if you’re planning on selling your home, don’t wait around for the right season; just get it on the market now.  

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