What Color is The House?

Is the color of the house important to attract more buyers? Can the proper mix of colors really impact how a buyer sees the house?

With the recent and latest viral image of that stupid dress and whether it was white and gold or blue and black saturating virtually every avenue of our social and television media, it got me thinking about what the average home buyer sees when they are buying a home. Most importantly, does color affect the way a home buyer feels about the house?

Most of us are fully aware that first impressions are everything when selling your home. And it goes without saying that most home buyers will not put the color of the house high on their must have list next to condition, schools and the neighborhood…but, they eventually get around to judging the quality of the house on color as much as just about anything else.  

It’s a very emotional thing buying a house. And most human beings I’m involved with tend to be driven by these silly things called feelings and thoughts! So, it comes as little surprise, when I show a house to a prospective client that hits all their wants and needs and yet there is still something that is holding them back, more times than not it’s the fact they can’t get past the colors they are seeing!

So, Mr. and Mrs. Home Seller, if you want to sell your house in a short amount of time and with minimum hassle, it’s critical that the decor is up-to-date and attractive.

What are some Colors that Help Sell a House?

House ColorYou can think of your home’s color palette as an important backdrop; it sets the stage for the furnishings and decorations that give rooms their unique feel. Picking the right paint is a topic that causes frustration for many. Paint is relatively simple to apply or change, but the wrong color inside or out can turn a buyer off from the entire house. To prevent this, I strongly recommend consulting a professional or painting your home in neutral colors.

If you’re still living in the home you’re selling, though, does that mean you’re stuck inside a bland, beige cave? Not at all. Remember, neutral colors can be subtle and doesn’t limit you to shades of white and beige.

Earth Tones – shades of brown, green, blue, orange, and some reds and tans depict the colors in nature, and they’re warm and inviting colors for living rooms and dining rooms. Understanding the effect color has on the human mind, implementing the use of browns, greens and even bolder colors to highlight the interior of your home can impact how a homebuyer reacts to the house.

Nifty Shades of Gray – Keep in mind the furniture and trim of your house will also impact the home buyers decision making process. Using light, neutral shades of dark and light gray accents can become a bold focal point. In addition, the right decor and gray wall combination can work well with a handful of bright, colorful accents of treatments and household furnishings.

And don’t forget about the exterior of your home: Painting the exterior can also help attract potential buyers, but be careful…local colors are as unique as the homes themselves. You don’t want to be too flashy here or take a favorite color too far. Keep it in the palette of the neighborhood as well as the region to an extent. You also may need to consult the local neighborhood association (if there is one) to see if there are covenants, conditions or restrictions on what colors you can and cannot use…Yes, there are such things out there!!!

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