Show Your House You Love it this Valentines Day

Valentines Day is Big Business…and your house is your Biggest Financial Investment! So, show it some Love this year!

Love your house this Valentines DayIf you’re like me, you love Valentines Day. Sure, some will say, it’s really just a way to sell tons of chocolates and flowers but if you look at the spirit of Valentines Day, it’s really about appreciation and investing in a long term relationship. And what can be more important than appreciating and investing in your home!

With Spring just a few weeks away, most of us are readying our Home Improvement To-Do lists. And just like taking the time and care to pick out just the right card and favorite chocolates for that special someone, making certain you are spending your time and money on the right projects will go a very long way in insuring you and your house will live a long and happy life together!

What Should you Get for your House this Valentines Day?

Let’s look at what you need first to show your house how much you appreciate it!

Your house does a lot for you to keep you warm and comfortable, so making sure you spend a little time and money insuring your furnace and HVAC are both functioning at their highest efficiency will put a big smile on everybody’s face. You might also consider what it looks like to add new windows and doors as a wise investment not only for the comfort of you and your family but as a financial gain to the overall value of your home. Plus, new windows and doors just make your house look good!

If we are looking at a big ticket item this year, we don’t need to go much further than roof, siding and paint. Nothing says, “I don’t care” like a leaky or worn out roof. I’ve driven by more than a few houses lately with the ugly blue tarp screaming “My homeowner hates me”! You may as well just give your significant other Brussels Sprouts instead of Chocolates this Valentines Day!

Show your House how Much you Care this Valentines Day?

In a perfect world, we’d all have enough time and money to do the things we want to do. That includes homeowners projects. Instead, invest your time to make  more minor repairs and changes to your home…both inside and out.

  • Schedule a few hours a week to work on little things like flower beds and general landscaping. 
  • Spend some time at your local home shows or visit your home improvement stores for weekly classes and inspiration.
  • Get a few friends together for a work and Pizza party…clear those pesky overgrown areas of your property and have fun doing it.
  • Fences and rockeries are a great place to add a bit of pizzazz without spending a ton.
  • Give your garage door a makeover with a fresh coat of paint.

Don’t skimp on materials for your house this Valentines Day

What does it say to your mate when you do just what you have to do to show them you made an effort this Valentines Day? Same is true for your home. Listen, this is your largest financial investment and it’s also where you are going to live and raise your family…don’t risk either by doing just what you have to do to maintain it!

Spending a few more hours and a couple of extra bucks to maintain the appearance and overall functionality of your home is certainly as important as your relationships you have! Respect and invest in both and you’re certain to enjoy your home for a very long time.



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