Thanksgiving is About Your Gratitude with Attitude

I think Thanksgiving is by far my most anticipated time of the year. 

happy-thanksgivingWhen I think of Thanksgiving, I’m immediately rushed with emotions! Of course there are those feelings of excitement and happiness as I know family will soon be near. However, there is one emotion that should be in lock-step with this holiday…and everyday, GRATITUDE!

I’m talking about enjoying Thanksgiving and feeling Gratitude with an Attitude!!!  

Not just a sense of thanks, but really being absorbed with a true understanding of why you and I are so blessed!

In the midst of all that is going on, be it good or bad, you should never lose sight of what makes up the tapestry of our lives and how so many around us affect and effect our very being! From family members to those close to you from work, church or life long friendships, every person and every decision has had some impact on your life and for that I have nothing but Gratitude with an Attitude!

What do I mean by Gratitude with an Attitude?

When I want to feel good…when I need to feel good, I go out of my way to show all those around me how appreciative I am and how, without their contribution to my life, I would not have all that I have today! The interesting thing about having Gratitude with an Attitude is all of the sudden, folks around me start feeling it too. Now, I don’t confess to feel this all the time so I really appreciate this time of the year to bring me to a place that I can be focused on the things that get me out of bed in the morning with my feet already moving!

I recall seeing this video from Simon Sinek and it struck me like a lightening bolt. Of course this is about business but I thought, “Why can’t this be about me?” If I applied this mindset to my daily life and started giving people around me my Gratitude with an Attitude through my “Why”, I bet I would feel better and those around me would too!

And it all started with ‘Why’ and went from there!

So, try some Gratitude with an Attitude…see what happens?

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful about so many things and for so many people and all of you have a lot to do with that! Enjoy your family, friends and those close to you and perhaps, show them a little Gratitude with an Attitude…I’m going to bet you will look at this time of the year in a whole new way!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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