Should You Consider Selling Your Home During the Holidays?

Selling your home during the holidays may sound like nonsense but…

There was a time not long ago that I would tell my sellers that selling your home during the holidays may not be a great idea. If you have your home on the market during this special time, you run the chance of having buyers previewing your home with all your decorations up or worse, you may actually have to pack up and move during Christmas.
Some would even think they look desperate to a buyer…
The other myth surrounding selling your home during the holidays is that home buyers may think you are so desperate to sell your house, you’d take a low ball offer or agree to terms that make little financial sense.

Why would you think about selling your home during the holidays…why not just wait until Spring, like everybody else!

Certainly, waiting until Spring means less hassle of showings and possible inspections during the holidays, right? Not necessarily! Think about the number of homes that you will be competing against vs. the number of homebuyers looking in early 2014. With the increase in minimum down payment requirements forcing some buyers to either lower their price point or forcing them out of the market all together, Spring may mean fewer buyers for your home…and all the other homes that waited until Spring to list!

Forget about Selling Your Home During the Holidays…what about January and February?

Selling your home during the holidays | Janet SimonsThink about after the tinsel is down and the Christmas tree is recycled. We still have to deal with the potential for nasty weather or that dreaded first of the year fuzz some seem to feel after the holidays!
Having your home on the market and all the subsequent work you and your agent put into marketing gives you a leg up on your competition!  It’s a virtual certainty that a buyer looking during the holidays and into the first of the year is not just a ‘tire-kicker’ looking to waste your time! Selling your home during the holidays may mean a few less home buyers around but those looking are serious and are looking to buy…no matter what time of the year it is!

Consider these Important Points when Selling Your Home During the Holidays

  • Price your home for the market…not the Holidays!

Just because there may be fewer buyers looking and certainly fewer homes for them to look at, do not think you can inch your asking price up! The market is still the market and buyers will always control how much your home will sell for! Do your research on recent comparable sales. Pricing your home and marketing it as a serious seller will quickly get your house the right buyer and the right terms so you can enjoy your holidays without the bother of all those ‘lookiloos’ trapesing through your home!

  • Keep the mood festive by Staging for the Holidays!

You can really make a statement by hiring a professional stager to come in and add some extra holiday cheer to your home. I think you’d agree that most homes really look their best during the holidays and most home owners go out of their way to make sure their house really shines. Keeping the look and feel of the holidays smart and festive (without going big and flashy) can make all the difference! Also, keep the staging generic to the season and add lots of natural elements that talk about the special time of year and what we all think about when we think about the holidays!

  • Know who you’re selling to during the Holidays!

Realizing that some serious buyers may be distracted by their own holiday celebrations, make sure your marketing includes a ton of Video and high quality Photos! Not every potential buyer can drop everything and tour your home. Having the right Real Estate Broker to market the attributes of your home effectively can easily catch the eye and attention of any perspective buyer…even if they are unable to see your home personally!

Also take into consideration that some home buyers are looking to identify a property to purchase due to a job move or to realize a tax break for 2013! It’s also not out of the realm of possibility that some home buyers will be realizing a small financial windfall as family gets together this time of the year and presents under the tree may come not in a large box, but in a beautiful Christmas card and a big fat Check!

  • Lastly, Selling your home during the holidays does not mean moving during the holidays!

Selling your home during the holidays | Janet SimonsThere is very likely a ‘time table’ agenda that a home buyer during this time of the year is on. A buyer who makes a good offer will have time to close in January. Getting a solid offer and getting all the important stuff out of the way like the inspection, appraisal and financing will go a very long way to making your holidays cheery and bright!

REMEMBER, getting an offer during the holidays means closing after the first of the year! That said, looking at a new home yourself in the coming year and all the excitement that goes with that means that selling your home during the holidays really makes a great deal of sense and can make for a great start to 2014! 

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