Real Estate and School Districts

Is looking at school districts when buying a new home really that important?  How bad can a school really be, right?

School DistrictsMaybe you are kid-less now and don’t plan on having any for a long time or maybe never. Some folks plan on moving by the time their kids are school aged. Here a few things you should consider; education is the foundation to a solid future for all children.

Remember, it’s kids that will one day rule the world and eventually have families of their own. Even if you don’t ‘plan’ on having kids right now, the unexpected can always occur. Don’t dismiss the importance of a good school district.

Here are a few reasons why it’s important to look at schools prior to purchasing a house.


I know it’s hard to think about selling your new home even before you purchase it, but “RESALE” value is important to consider. Studies show that homes in school districts with high scores, tend to sell for more than those in neighborhoods with less impressive school districts. For example; if your child is in a good district, it becomes known as a desirable area and people are going to look for homes in this area. So even if you don’t have kids, if you own in a larger home in a family-friendly neighborhood, you might want to check out the school districts prior to placing it “For Sale”, it may help in getting top dollar when selling your home.

Many buyers, according to are willing to make sacrifices in order to own homes in neighborhoods with great schools. Studies show that many families will sacrifice square footage, garages and even number of bedrooms just to secure a home in a good school district.

Higher Property Taxes

You might consider the affordability of living in an area with a good school district. Good schools tend to require more funding which results from higher tax rates. This means you may pay more in property taxes in order to live in an area with great schools. This might be hard to accept if you don’t currently have children.

Your Kids

If you have kids, it’s vital to check out the schools in the area. Better schools can offer your kids a lot more, typically your children will have  smaller teacher/student ratios, smaller classes, more one-on-one instruction, higher test scores, better extra-curricular activities & better sports programs. In summary, your kids will achieve an overall better education. There is nothing more important than the education of a child. I recommend always considering the overall well-being of your children and their educational needs before purchasing a new home.

Better Neighborhoods

And finally, I’ve noticed that typically the better the schools, the better the neighborhoods. This usually results in less crime, fewer less desirable neighborhoods and fewer families that raise your suspicions as being less than respectful.

The safety and security of your children is not something you should take lightly, which is just one more reason to consider the district.

Finally, rest assured that your kids will live in a neighborhood with other kids if you live near a good school, you’ll find that these are the neighborhoods are desirable for people with kids and that want to raise their families.

If you’re buying or selling in Lewis County Washington, here’s a helpful link that will show your school districts rating.

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