Do You Really Know How Your Home Gets Marketed Online?

It may be one of the greatest mysteries to the majority of home sellers out there! How come my home on Trulia and Zillow doesn’t look right!!!

marketing your home onlineAnd the conversations I have with my sellers and the others I hear from fellow REALTORS® when their sellers call to ask why their home is listed at the wrong price or with an agents picture and contact information right next to their home…that isn’t you!!!!

I get asked all the time, where will my home be listed online? The quick answer I give them is, “It’ll be on my site for sure!” And it will be right or I’ll make it right. That’s not always the case with the big boys at Trillow or Zulia…whatever they are called these days!

Often times, when your home is listed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) it is quickly syndicated across multiple listing platforms including these Behemoth monstrosities called Zillow and Trulia we all know and love…not! I say not because as an agent, we are given little control over editing the listing once it’s on there. Unless we add it ourselves manually, we are at the mercy of these companies to do the right thing…which often times is not the case!

Marketing your home online is sometimes out of the agents hands

There is really no way we can avoid having your home syndicated across all these platforms unless we indicate in our listing forms and input there is to be no internet marketing. But is that really what you want for your marketing? I don’t either.

What we really want is to be sure what is syndicated online is correct. 

I always know what I have on my website is the actual information I input into the NWMLS when I list your home. I make sure my website and my website guy are always updated when I have a new listing. I’m also very pragmatic when it comes to making sure your homes information is correctly displayed on those big sites. HOW? I have an account with both Trulia and Zillow and will manually add your listings on to my accounts. With this exercise, I can have full access to any changes in price or addition of images to the listing. In an instance just last week in my office, I was talking with a fellow Broker who was very upset because their listings were showing up with incorrect prices and show a listing agent that was not her! The seller was equally upset and when the agent called Trulia, they got the run around and very little accomplished with the representative on the other end of the phone.

So, what’s the best way of marketing your home online?

The simple answer would be to not allow internet advertising but that isn’t really a solution and certainly not a good way to do your job of properly marketing your listing. What I would suggest is make sure you have an account with these companies, add the listings by hand on those sites along with inputting it on your local MLS and then hit the submit on everything all at once. It is the only way I know that I have control over what the consumer sees, what my seller wants and what allows me the greatest ability to make and edit changes right from my own computer.

If you have had a similar experience as my agent friend recently had or you have a better mouse trap on how to get everything right on these sites, I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment that will help all of us raise the bar on these online listing search sites and give all of us what we really want…accurate information on our sellers homes!



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