Is a Tiny Home Right For Me?

They look like the answer to all your problems don’t they? I know they do mine. If I could only get rid of all the clutter (okay, my husband’s clutter) and move into a tiny home all problems would be solved! With the ability to move anywhere and a simplistic design, where everything has a place I can completely understand the appeal of a tiny home. But are they right for everybody? Below are some things to consider before you start selling everything you own and scaling down to a tiny home.

Where Will You Put Your Home?

Sometimes finding a place to park your tiny home can be a problem. Tiny homes generally fall into two categories permanent and on wheels. If you have a permanent tiny home zoning code and other regulations (HOA for example) may have to be considered. If you choose to have a home on wheels, this requires hooks ups just like an RV would, thus RV parks are often your best bet, which of course requires a fee.

Wheels or No Wheels?

A traditional home (no matter how small) still has building codes it needs to stick to. A tiny home on wheels will have to conform to the standards of the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association if you wish to have your home in an RV park. No matter which you choose it is important to find the right builder who will work with you and make sure everything in your tiny home is up to the code and the right regulations are observed. Also, another thing to consider in the wheels vs. no wheels debate: Do you have something to move your home with? The smallest of homes often require a diesel truck to haul and the larger homes on wheels require an even bigger truck and trailer.

Don’t Forget About Your Family or Lifestyle

While it may sound appealing to be able to move anywhere or stay in one place only so long the tiny house lifestyle is not necessarily for everybody. A 250 SF home may be able to hold two people comfortably but adding in children, pets, guests, etc. can cause some problems. In some instances there just simply is not enough room for everybody to live in a tiny home comfortably. And think about it, do you REALLY want your teenager sleeping in the loft across from yours? If you could handle it, that’s great, but I know many people who would pass on that idea. You also cannot forget about pets, will a great dane work as well as a chihuahua? What added space will they require? Do they need space to run or will they be content with a limited floor plan to move around in?

Give it A Shot….But Before You Buy

Trying it out is obviously going to be the best way for you to know if a tiny home is going to fit your family or your lifestyle. Come up with a list of tiny home styles you like and see what is available to rent in your area. If you rent a home for a week and by day 3 you’re ready to go insane it may be a sign you need to rethink how tiny of a home you want to go.

Consider Beyond the House

Are you a person who spends more time outdoors than in? With a tiny home it is important to take advantage of any additional square feet you possibly can. This may be as simple as having a few folding chairs and table, a built in porch, or a retractable awning. The possibilities are endless with a tiny home but have a huge impact when looking at the overall footprint of your home.


While tiny homes are in general less expensive all around than regular homes there are some additional costs to keep in mind. Should you choose to stay in a RV park you will have to pay rent on the space you are in which generally covers electricity, water, and sewage. Some RV parks also have WiFi and other amenities you can take advantage of for an additional fee. Should you have a permanent tiny home you will have to be connected to a water source, electricity, sewer, internet, and any other services you need.

Don’t Forget Your Goals

If you are moving into a tiny home entirely to save money you may want to investigate other alternatives before moving into a tiny home. Given some areas renting or homeowner ship may be cheaper it is always best to do your research thoroughly. However, if you are making an informed decision that aligns with what you want to do in the long term and what your goals are a tiny home can be a fantastic choice to help you on your way.



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