How to Beat the Heat!

Cool Down in the Sprinkler

Ever had one of those days where you start to do the first of fifteen million projects for the day only to realize 10 minutes in you are absolutely melting? When the temperature reaches close to 100 in the shade it’s a perfect excuse to sit 3 inches from the AC but what if you HAVE to get things done (and let’s be honest, that’s most of us.) So, what are some ways to still stay cool?

  1. Drink water, dehydration can cause your body temperature to go up. It’s much easier to stay cool when you’re fully hydrated.
  2. Buy a fan that attaches to your phone. Your cellphone is already attached to your hand like its superglued so why not use it to your benefit. You can buy a fan that attaches straight to your charging port on your phone and instant breeze.
  3. Create a cross breeze, open a window and place a fan directly across from it.
  4. Chew minty gum and drink cold water. This will cool you down in a hurry. Don’t ask me how but it works.
  5. Need to cool down in a hurry? Run your wrists under cold water or apply ice packs to your pulse points.
  6. Wear cotton, it’s much more breathable than synthetic fabrics which allows for air circulation to keep you cooler. Bonus points if it’s lightly colored and loose.
  7. Got kids that you need to keep occupied? Freeze toys in ice (like dinosaurs) and let them play paleontologists until they get them all out or the ice melts.
  8. Set up your bed, hammock, or cot as close to the ground as possible. Warm air rises so the closer to the ground you are the cooler you will be.
  9. Freeze fruit in ice cube trays for an added boost to whatever you’re drinking.
  10. Unplug gadgets you aren’t using, they all emit a low level of heat that’s only adding to the temperature.
  11. Fill a spray bottle with water and keep it in the fridge. You can spray yourself down whenever you feel hot.
  12. Hang a wet sheet in front of an open window, this will cool down the whole room.
  13. Invest in a bed fan to make hot summer nights bearable.
  14. Try storing lotions or toner in the fridge to help cool you down.
  15. Go camping, you won’t have four walls and insulation to trap heat. Pitch a tent and sleep under the stars.
  16. If you’re wearing a hat, put some ice water in it and place it back on your head.
  17. Do NOT turn on the stove, invest in an instant pot, slow cooker, or anything else that doesn’t add extra heat to your home. Heck, just skip cooking all together and order a pizza if you’re so inclined.
  18. Avoid caffeine and alcohol (I know this is the most boring tip ever) both will dehydrate you.
  19. Eat cold foods like salads, pasta salads, fruit, sandwiches, etc.
  20. Keep popsicles in the freezer, you can make your own or buy them from the store. They even have dog safe treats!

Above all make sure your summer is enjoyable. Short of moving into a cave it’s hard to escape the heat. Be sure to use common sense by not doing intense activity when it’s the hottest part of the day, stay as hydrated as possible, and always use sunscreen!

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