How Dad Makes a Home

Growing up it wasn’t uncommon for there to be renovation projects in my house. My dad, could do just about anything as far as fixing the house up. I remember him taking out the old carpet and putting down beautiful hardwood floors. Pine boards he had worked on himself at the saw mill part time to afford them. The thing I remember most about my dad was that he was always working. He left every morning to go to his job, came home to work in the garden, to grow food for us. He’d collapse on the couch just to do it all over again tomorrow. That’s how my dad showed his love and made our house a home.

The definition of a father is simply one who acts like a father to a child or is a biological parent of a child. However, the true role of a father goes much deeper than that. A father can be many things usually all at one time. He might be the protector from monsters under the bed, the provider, teacher, and many other things over the course of his children’s life.

I already told you the story of my dad working endlessly to improve our home and grow us food to eat. He provided for us financially of course working full time but providing for your children goes beyond that. He provides his time going to baseball games, he provides his knowledge for his child to understand how to solve a problem, he provides a listening ear for his kids troubles at school or in relationships.

A father is also looked at to be the protector of the home and children. When I was home alone, an intruder came lurking around, I called Dad (and 911 of course). He beat the police there and they ran off when his truck hit the driveway, thankfully before getting into our house or taking much from the shop. He stayed with me, protecting and providing a sense of security and comfort.

My Dad taught me a lot growing up, not only about how to build a bookshelf or how to grow vegetables in the garden. He taught me the value of hard work every day, not by his words but by his actions. Dads can teach us practical things like fixing this or that, the art of grilling, how to change a tire or check the oil. However, they can also teach us so much more than that. How to balance work and home, how to be a better person, how to set goals, gain independence and so much more.

Being a Dad is a tough job, one that many willingly do every day. They have such a powerful and important role in the family’s life. Providing for them, sheltering them, and loving them, it is truly a monumental task, thankfully they’re fully prepared for the job.

Thank goodness for all the Dad’s in this world, Happy Fathers Day!

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