How a Mom Turns a House Into a Home

How do you define a home? According to Merriam-Webster it is “a place of residence” but for
most the definition goes beyond that. It is where you are loved, accepted, and welcomed with
open arms and a smile no matter what time of day or how tired the occupants are. As corny as it
sounds, home is where the heart is.

To me the true definition of a home is not a physical location, but a feeling you get when you
walk in the door. And to me, one of the true tests to know if a house is a home, is if your mom is
there. A mother’s job, well one of them, is to make the house a home for her family. If you ask
some a mother could be defined as the heart of the home. The one person to make sure you
are comfortable, well fed, have something to drink, or a cookie to snack on. The one who keeps
the home thriving and moving together as a family.

For some home is the smell of your mom’s cooking when you walk in the door. Or it is the scent
she always used in the home. It’s the family albums she always displayed. It’s knowing she’ll be
in her chair in the corner of the living room sewing a quilt before you even walk in the door
because that’s where she is everyday at that time. It’s never leaving the house hungry, even if
she had to get up at 6AM to make you breakfast and knowing dinner will be ready for you at
5PM on the dot.

To be a mother is not an easy task and what roles you decide to play is different for everybody.
A mother can choose to stay home and devote her time to nurturing her children and taking care
of her home. A mother can be a single mom working two jobs to help give her kids a better life.
A mother can be a woman who never had children, but opened her home and heart to those in
need. Like home, there is no one definition of mother but without one, the other just isn’t the

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