Happy Mothers Day!

Being a “Mom” isn’t for sissies…. you must have the patience of a saint, the intelligence of a genius, the strength of a mountain, gentleness of a feather and the stamina of an Artic Tern (known for traveling the greatest distances).

Every day moms are faced with dilemmas that may not seem significant to most, but in the eyes of a child these are earth shattering events.  Children ponder the “what’s, why’s and who’s” of everyday life and as parents are supposed to know the answers, after all we are intelligent educated adults.

This week I’m sharing with you some comical snippets from children that moms and dads are faced with daily.

My 6 yr. old wants to become a doctor so she can help sick kids.

My 4 yr. old want to be a porcupine so she can stab people with her butt.

3yr. old: You get lots of letters from your friends.

Me: They’re bills. They want money.

3yr. old: You need better friends.

4 yr. old: *Cries*

Me: What’s wrong?

4yr. old: my tummy is full, but I want to keep eating.

The struggle is real.

(Kids playing a card game)

Me: What game are you playing?

6yr old: WAR.

Me: Who’s winning?

6yr. old: Nobody wins.


Me: How was school?

6yr. old: Bad, but at least tomorrow is Saturday.

Me: Tomorrow is Friday..

6 yr. old: I thought maybe you wouldn’t notice.

My 3 yr. old called her eyebrows “eye mustaches”.

I was going to correct her, but instead upgraded my vocabulary.

(Filling out a worksheet)

Me: Name a way to be nice to others.

4yr. old: Don’t stab them.

Setting the bar a little low, but I’ll allow it.

4yr. old: I’ll be up working late, I have homework.

Me: You’re in Pre-school.

4yr. old: I have to color in this whole picture.

I’ll put on some coffee.

Special Thanks to James Breakwell @ explodingunicorn for allowing me to share his delightful posts.



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