Full Service Real Estate Broker: Price vs. Value

Can a Full Service Real Estate Broker Make a Difference When it Comes to Your Greatest Investment?

Full Service Real Estate Janet Simons

What are some of your determining factors when it comes to deciding which Real estate Broker you work with? Is it how much money they charge or is it how much money they can help you save when you buy or how much money they can help you get when selling your greatest investment?

Certainly there’s little doubt as to which answer you’d choose. However, every day, many full service real estate brokers like myself continually display our value to our customers in order to earn their trust…and their confidence they’ve made the right choice!

What’s the REAL Difference Between a Full Service Real Estate Broker and a Discount Broker?

There’s an old saying, “In the absence of value, the determining factor is price.” In reality as well as realty, that is a universal truth! In a more complex way, the real difference is a full service real estate broker are the people you deal with face to face when buying or selling property. We facilitate and oversee every aspect of your transaction and in my case…leave little room for chance!

With a discount Broker, the name says it all. Here you are simply dealing with an order taker…an employee if you will! They will very likely use little effort to insure you pay what you should when buying and worse, earn what you should earn when selling…simply because their mindset is one of, “The customer is always right” where a full service real estate broker is thinking, “The customer has the right, and I’m going to fight for them”!

This is not to say the customers input is not necessary…it absolutely is! But a full service real estate broker relies more! They also employ their years of experience, knowledge and negotiation skills to assist their clients. These skill sets are vital to getting the home buyer and seller what they deserve!

Use a Full Service Real Estate Broker to Get what you Deserve!

When the market is good, home buyers and sellers may tend to believe this can’t be that hard. However, what is often not seen in the late hours of the day are the full service real estate brokers still hard at work looking at market conditions and negotiating for their buyer and seller so their greatest asset is protected and no money is left on the table!

When it comes time for you to buy, sell or even invest in that second home, don’t leave anything to chance. Contact your full service real estate broker and learn why we are not just working to help you buy or sell your home…we are dedicated to providing every skill we possess to insure you get everything you pay for.

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