Finding Independence Through Homeownership

(AKA “Adulting, Extreme Home Edition”)

The beginning of July is a special time for our country. We take a few days to celebrate our independence and the freedoms that come along with it. But just because you live in an independent and free country, doesn’t mean you feel independent.

It can be hard to feel independent when you don’t own your space. You move out of your parent’s home when you become an “adult” but for most of us, this move just replaces your parents’ rules with that of a landlord. You still don’t feel like you are free to do as you wish in a space that is truly your own. Heck, most rentals don’t even let you put holes in the wall or paint them – as least your mom let you hang up a poster or two!

The term “adulting” has been coined by millennials who use it for two very different scenarios. One, they find themselves doing things they wish they didn’t have to do, like spending money on bills instead of going drinking. The tagline “adulting is hard” often follows a Facebook post of this nature. And sometimes, we just decide we can’t “adult” any longer.

How to Win at Adulting – make this your last Independence Day as a non-homeowner

“Adulting” can be a positive thing however! It can also be used as a way to express a feeling of pride when you finally accomplish something that makes you feel like an adult, like getting a new job….or just getting dressed in “real clothes.”

And yes, often adulting is scary. But, nothing will make you feel more independent than becoming a home owner and that far outweighs the scary stuff. But just imagine how you will feel when you can paint the walls, hang pictures and even remodel the kitchen if you desire. Homeownership also means you can finally have those ten cats you’ve always wanted or four dogs – something landlords generally frown upon. It’s the freedom to allow a friend to come live with you when they are in need, without having to get a landlord’s permission first. I’ve even known people who rented apartments where if they were going to be gone for longer than a week and someone was staying at their place, the manager had to approval. You can’t even go on vacation without permission!

Home ownership doesn’t just give you free reign when it comes to the inside of your home, but it gives you a piece of mind knowing “it’s yours.” We humans have a natural desire to “own things” – we want our own territory that we can feel safe in, raise our families in, and leave those other adulting troubles at the door at the end of the day.  There really is no greater feeling than sitting on a front porch looking out at your own front yard. You will not only feel more independent, but buying a house gives you more confidence and drive to continue to succeed. Don’t be surprised if after you buy your home you find yourself more motivated in other adult-activities, so you better brush up on your #adulting lingo.

And when you start to stress or worry, just remember, you are an adult. You Got THIS!

Right now, our market is upward trending so it’s the time to buy before prices increase any more. We still have plenty of incentives and programs for first time buyers to take advantage of too. We all need support, your realtor has led many people to independence through homeownership and they can help you do the same thing so that next time you post about adulting, it can be a positive one.

Happy Independence Day, Happy #Adulting and Happy Home Hunting!




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