What Would You Do If You Had a ‘Dislike Button’

Morality is simply the attitude we adopt towards people whom we personally dislike.

– Oscar Wilde

Dislike ButtonI thought it was very interesting when I came across a story on the news that Facebook was working on a Dislike Button.

As enthralled as most of us are with social media and posting the most inane stuff, it got me thinking about all the things we can easily use a dislike button for.

So, imagine how happy I was when I learned that the real purpose for the conversation around such a button is more to show your sadness or offer condolence at the passing of a friend or loved one as well as perhaps other emotions that are more appropriate when we see a post about something or someone that doesn’t warrant a ‘Like’ on facebook.

So, What Would You Suggest the New Button Say?

I’m kinda sappy gal so I would be very encouraged to see a button that allows me to offer how I feel, emotionally about something or someone. I imagine there may be some that might ‘abuse’ or ‘over use’ a dislike button…but, I know I would likely use the heck out of a button that would allow me to use a ‘feeling sorry’ or ‘wishing you well’ button.

Since facebook already allows you to offer an emotional response to your posts, it may be a likelihood that we could see something along those lines in the way of a button to let folks know how we feel about their unfortunate situations.

Do You Really Like Something When You Hit the Like Button on Facebook?

Since it’s so easy to simply like something, I wonder how much someone likes something when they hit the like button. I know when I have questions about these sort of things, I immediately contact me trusted social media slash web guy Patrick Flynn. He explained to me that it’s often just a matter of wanting to let someone know you saw their post and acknowledged it made some kind of impact. That said, Patrick’s opinion on the like button is it may not necessarily mean they liked or disliked your post rather they just wanted to let you know they saw it.

So, I’m wondering with whatever facebook comes up with mean, will that suffer the same fate as the like button? I’m guessing it won’t!

In just about every case I’ve ran across when a post caught my attention, I’ve been compelled to comment rather than press the like button. Now, with the potential to offer a more emotional reply to a sad or profound post, I’m going to bet more people will stop and take the time to offer their feelings in a button rather than just taking a passing glance.

So we’ll see what the gang at facebook comes up with but I’m hoping it is something that keeps the newsfeeds positive and gives hope to those who’ve shared a personal moment…



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