Cutting Cost of Water

Cost of WaterThe rising costs of daily living has become the topic of conversation lately. Everyone is a “Buzz” about how much their water bill has increased. Do you know why your bills are so high?

Knowledge is power!

Did you know that the average person uses approximately 56 gallons of inside water each day. So, a family of four will use about 225 gallons daily.

During the summer daily water usage often doubles, mainly due to increased lawn & garden watering. Here are a few stats for daily water usage according to the City of Olympia Water Resources Department.

A leaky toilet can waste 2.8 gallons or 5% of your daily water usage.

Showers average 21% of our daily use based on 11.8 gallons of water.

The average bath uses 5 gallons or 9%

A Clothes washer uses 12.2 gallons of water on a daily average or 22%.

Faucets account for 12% or 6.7 gallons of usage.

Dishwashers use 1.8 gallons or 3% of the daily average.

There are many ways to conserve water

Installing a Low-flow shower head can save you bundles or simply fixing leaking toilets & faucets can save you the cost of the repair in no time. Wearing your “not so dirty” clothes more than once will reduce the number of loads of laundry & will help keep money your pocket. Conserve & Save!

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