Christmas Tree Trimming Ideas

Around the Simons house, this is the weekend we are getting serious about decorating for Christmas.

Christmas Tree TrimmingAnd that means getting all the goodies out of storage to decorate the Tree!

I’m somewhat particular when it comes to picking out the right tree. You know what I mean, just tall enough and with a nice point on top!

Decorating our Christmas tree each year is still a tradition around here and I do my best to have the Christmas Tree looking as festive as possible when the whole clan arrives!

Here are my proven tips to Christmas Tree Trimming that makes this ‘project’ more fun than effort!

      1. Wear Protection: Don’t forget to where gardening gloves during this project. You will be lifting and tilting and likely trimming extra branches off the bottom of the tree and when it’s all said and done, without gloves on, your hands are a mess and loaded with pitch! Have fun getting that stuff off!
      2. Lighting the Stage: I always start my light strand at the base of the tree. I will really do a number here with lights wrapped around both branches and the tree itself! Adds a bit of depth I find and I never skimp on lights — the more, the merrier I say.
      3. Ornaments: I know I’m as guilty of this as anyone but I’ve learned it’s a good idea to store my ornaments all together…in one box! I also suggest that your ornaments not be stored in the garage or some place that experiences the cold of winter and the heat of summer…I lose more ornaments that way!
      4. Mind the gaps: This is where having a good number of different size ornaments really helps me. With every Christmas Tree I’ve ever had, there is always those spots that need a little extra love. This is where a simple ornament just wont do. Finding a larger, oversized piece or two in your ornamental mix is awesome for those bare spots. And don’t forget the tree skirt to hide the base and that ugly tree stand!
      5. Crown your masterpiece: Adding the star on top is the final finishing touch! I’ve found that having a few different Christmas Tree toppers for different years adds a fun conversation piece and fresh element for every Christmas.

Christmas Tree Trimming should be a fun activity and not a chore…

Enjoy this time with friends and family and make it an event to make the whole process go faster and with a little more cheer!

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