Best Tips for Home Security During Your Summer Vacation

Don’t look now but it’s Summer vacation season again!

26134096_sThat glorious time to relax, kick back, let the stress of life and work just melt away…Oh yea, and freak out that your home is safe and secure while you’re gone!

The first thing that always comes to mind from a security standpoint of your home is break-ins and other criminal activity. This can ruin anyone’s vacation and it happens more than you think!

But there’s also the real concerns that you ‘did I leave the iron on’ kinda stuff…and with today’s home loaded with all manner of things plugged in all over the place, risk of electrical issues can make for a very worrisome summer vacation.


Here are a few tips to put your mind at ease before you hit the road for your Summer Vacation

Don’t Be So Social About Your Vacation…Online

In this day and age, fighting the urge to tell complete strangers about every single thought that pops into your head for all the social media world to see can be difficult.

But it’s important to stop and think: Who exactly is really reading this stuff? Sure, you’re first thought is friends but there are also bad guys reading this stuff too. Don’t get so caught up in your need to announce you vacation plans that you forget to plan for the event someone else is also looking forward to you being away for a few weeks!

Keep that Lived In Look 

You may want to fight the urge to close your curtains to prevent people from peering inside your home. Leave your home and your curtains exactly as you keep them when you’re home, since closed curtains are an inviting call card for most bad guys that you’re away. Instead, have a neighbor pop by your home everyday to give your home that lived in look.

Time to Upgrade your Timer

Considering leaving the lights on to ward off would be bad guys is a common thought for most of us. Of course, the cost of having every light in the house on is both expensive and not exactly the best way to scare off someone if they already know you’re away…in fact, a well lit house just makes it easier for them to find your valuables and such.

Take a few hours before your trip to take a trip to the local home store and purchase an inexpensive timer that can be programmed to go on and off while you’re away. This is both cost effective and a great way to give the appearance someone is home.

Pull the Plug

Unplug your television, computer, toaster oven and other appliances to protect them from power surges. Do this to save power as well. Many folks don’t even realize their electrical appliances use power…even when they’re turned off.

Lock Your Garage…Twice

Your garage is an easy target point to enter your home. Most friends I know don’t even have a lock on their garage. One trick I found was to take a C-clamp and place it in one of the many opening in your door railing so that it impedes the door from going up past a certain point. Even if the garage is secured but a thief still breaks the lock, the C-clamp keeps them from being able to raise the door with the clamp firmly in place.

Give these tips a try before your next trip and just relax…

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