Are Your Home Buying Expectations Too High?

Fraught with just about every emotion under the sun, home buying can be easy…OR IT CAN BE HARD!

The Highs and Lows of Home Buying

Home BuyingI have a dear friend who has been known to say, “The anticipation of an event is often times greater than the event itself.” Which I’ve come to completely understand.

So often, the idea of buying a home, touring every weekend through open house after open house and even the idea of where to put ‘your’ sofa are wonderful feelings. It’s the expectation after a while that this home buying thing is a ton of fun and oh so carefree.

Those feelings are soon replaced with ‘tasks’ and ‘chores’ like trying to get all your documents together for your home loan, spending days running around trying to get offers and counteroffers signed around and dealing with inspection reports, deadlines and addenda’s!

The reason all this craziness is so…crazy is simply because you didn’t have THE TALK with your real estate broker.

Having THE TALK With You About Home Buying Expectations

If you’ve purchased, or sold for that matter, a home recently…you have at least one story to tell about your experience.

Every so often, I will hear one of my buyers say, “I wish I would have known that.” And, even a seller will say to me, “Our Agent never told us about this when we bought the house.”

It’s not enough to assume the buyer or seller who is entrusting their greatest financial asset knows what you know! In this Go-Go world, it’s important to take the time to understand the layers of “what-ifs” and “should of seen that coming” well before these things become an issue.

Spending the proper amount of time going over scenarios that may arise…because they have and I want you to know about them, is time very well spent. Letting your clients visualize an instance that may come up makes them forewarned and forearmed for what might happen during the transaction. The most important part of this process is when things go smoothly, your clients will attribute it to them having THE TALK more times than not.

Let’s put THE TALK in a Football context. Take the game between our beloved Seattle Seahawks and those poor Green Bay Packers for the 2014 NFC Championship. I’d say that was a game that many thought the Pack were going to win easily. I know some folks; die hard Seahawks fans, actually left the stadium after Russell Wilson threw his 4th interception.

Could anyone on the Packers sideline know what was about to happen in the last 4 minutes or so of that game…NO WAY! There isn’t a player on either team that will ever forget what happened at the end of that game. Yet, there wasn’t a single play that couldn’t have been defended differently had the Packers been better prepared. They let their expectations of going to the Super Bowl get in their way of preparing for the greatest comeback I’ve ever witnessed. OK, I’m getting carried away here.

Simply put, I’ll venture to bet that for as long as any member of the Green Bay Packers continue to play, they will always be forewarned and forearmed that ‘things happen’. And to go from the high’s of thinking you were going to the Super Bowl to the low’s of losing that and more…in less than 5 minutes.

My point is THE TALK is having a conversation about ‘things happening’. You don’t need to necessarily know what or how ‘things happen’ but that helps. No, it’s about helping the buyers take off their rose colored glasses to know this may not be as smooth as they had expected. I’m not talking about scaring you or being a pessimist. In fact, those who know me know I’m the eternal optimist! But, I’m also pragmatic and I think having all your ducks in a row doesn’t always prevent things from not going exactly to plan!

Expectations need to be established, understood and in some cases even tempered so a mole hill doesn’t turn into a mountain. THE TALK should always include ‘what-ifs’.

Home Buying is Fun When You Know the ‘What-ifs’

Take the time to interview your real estate broker and ask a lot of questions…I mean a lot!!! Find out what they know and don’t know. And be realistic that the experience may not always match the expectations and setting those expectations with goals and facts rather than hopes and dreams will always make the home buying process more fun. 


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