5 Tips to Continue Using your Outdoor Space through the Fall

Well, it’s October November again in the Pacific Northwest…Again!

Not ready for patio season to end? Maximize the use of your outdoor space even if there’s a little chill in the air. Try these five ways to warm up and extend patio season well into the fall months:

Build a Fire Pit — The nice thing about living in the Pacific Northwest is even when it gets cold…it really doesn’t get that cold! Take full advantage of our tempered climate and build a fire pit. This patio or yard accessory provides the perfect ambiance for roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories. Don’t forget to leave enough space for friends and family to pull up a deck chair, as fire pits tend to draw a crowd.

Add an Outdoor Heater — Sure, when we do get our dry periods, it’s nice to spend a few hours conversing on the deck. So, when temperatures start to dip, an outdoor heater can keep a patio area cozy and comfortable. There are many options to choose from, including propane, electric, tabletop and stand-alone models.

Warm Up the Porch — A screened-in porch can get too cold for comfort without protection from chilly fall drafts. Adding curtains or shutters can help block the breeze and keep warm air in, turning this favorite summertime space into a fall retreat.

Install a Hot Tub — Now we’re talking! Turn your backyard or patio into a year-round refuge for family and friends by adding a hot tub. Don’t forget an insulation cover to keep the heat in and leaves and debris out.

Enclose your Deck– If you’re willing to make an investment, you can update your patio or deck with a nice surround tent or go all out and build a screened in area with heated flooring, also known as radiant heating, or have an outdoor fireplace installed. Both extend the usability of outdoor spaces into the colder months.

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