5 Safety Tips ALL REALTORS Must Know

If your REALTOR® asks for your ID…they have a good reason!

With the news coming this week of the senseless murder of a beloved Arkansas REALTOR®, Beverly Carter, her body found buried in a shallow grave days after showing a house, the whole real estate community is standing up and taking notice. It was nearly 15 years ago when a local REALTOR®, Mike Emert was murdered while showing a home in Seattle and these are just 2 of several noted murders of Real Estate Professionals who were simply doing what they love…selling homes and helping folks realize the American Dream of homeownership.

It’s a sad reality in a business where we take so many risks everyday when it comes to doing our job. 

What can a REALTOR® do to protect themselves?

It goes without saying real estate agents are all on guard and understandably on edge with recent events so if your agent or broker asks you a few extra questions OR even asks for your ID, gladly hand it to them…they’re just trying to play it safe! 

5 Safety Tips ALL REALTORS® Must Know…and implement NOW!

  1. ALWAYS MEET AT A PUBLIC PLACE FIRST! Before you show a home or set up an appointment to sit down with a prospective client, demand to meet with them at a crowded coffee shop or even better, at your office. Any place where you are known. If you can’t meet at a place you’ve been before, be sure you show up early and tell the staff who you are, hand them a card and tell them to call a friend once you’ve left. Over kill? It’s better than the alternative!
  2. GET THE CLIENTS DRIVERS LICENSE PHOTOCOPIED! I recall this being standard operating procedure for years after Mike Emert’s murder. Again, if you prospective client has an issue with this, ask them to produce some kind of identification or at the very least, take a picture of them with your phone and text it to your broker or office manager with the clients name and contact information.
  3. CARRY PROTECTION! It has come to this so I see no problem whatsoever to have a can of mace or an electric tazer with you at all times. Better yet, make sure your client sees that you have these at your avail and easily reachable!
  4. NEVER SHOW A HOUSE AT NIGHT! I know, you’re asking me to limit the time I can do my job! Yes, I am! Nothing is as important as your safety…not even a commission check!
  5. DOWNLOAD A TRACKING APP FOR YOUR PHONE! Thankfully we live in a day and age where having a tracking device is a simple download away! I get the whole “Big Brother” thing and this is not about that…this is about letting loved ones know where you are and keeping your whereabouts well known.

Don’t take any chances when it comes to your safety!

It seems crazy we have resorted to this but we live in a funky world and sadly, we expose ourselves to funky people everyday. Our names, images and phone numbers are plastered all over the internet! Most of us offer far too much information about ourselves so sadly, trying to be helpful and seeing the good in all people makes any one of us easy pickings for those bad people who have nothing better to do than put hard working, honest real estate professionals in harms way!

Be safe out there…


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