5 Obscure Items That Increase Your Homes Value

Are you looking at the big picture when it comes to what really adds value to your home.

canstockphoto11274308Usually, the must-have list for most of the homebuyers I’ve worked with starts (and often ends) with Schools. But do most homebuyers really look at other material items that can increase your homes value. Well, they should. You’d be surprised at some of the simple, yet obscure items overlooked that can actually make your home more valuable…and possibly appealing to a potential homebuyer when time comes for you to sell.

Let’s take a quick peek at some of the items I’ve compiled over the years I’ve learned actually make a home more desirable as well as more valuable!

5 Obscure Items That Increase Your Homes Value


Living Near Open Spaces & Community Areas

Being able to take a stroll to your local park or community gathering area is always a nice feature. I have a good friend who used to live in Ballard and they would walk a few short blocks to a very popular area called Sunset Park. Not just a pretty name but appropriate since it was a beautifully maintained park that faced West with an unobstructed view of the Cascade Mountains.

He told me he and his wife would stroll their then young son down the short walk to watch the stunning sunsets. His home was a modest 2 bedroom home; not much to look at really but put that same home in a different area and it goes without saying the value would be far less. The interesting thing is my friend did not know about this park nor did his agent! A special find and certainly a nice way to spend any summer evening!

Same holds true for NGPA or Native Growth Protective Areas. Knowing no one will build a house right next to you is always a bonus but listening to the frogs at night and all that nature has to offer is a sweet perk too.

Living Near a Popular Amenities

You always need to go to the store! You don’t always like to drive forever to get there. Living near popular amenities like your local store or even better, your local Starbucks is a real bonus and can add value to a home.

Living within Walking Distance to Popular Amenities

Most of us have heard of Walkability by now. It’s a score that is given to a particular neighborhood if you can get to places like the store, Starbucks or even restaurants by foot. Many of the more sought after neighborhoods in Seattle for example are very expensive simply because you get just about everything you want or need by simply stepping out your front door. Convenience and good walk…gotta love that!

Owning a home with an Additional Living Space 

Have a knowledgable REALTOR® who can best help you with understanding the zoning and building regulations of a neighborhood is a vital tool if you want to add value to your home with an ADU or Additional Dwelling Unit. Knowing you can add on to your existing home or right out buy a home with an Additional Dwelling Unit, sometimes referred to as a Mother-in-Law, can not only increase your homes value down the road but can create income immediately for those homeowners who wish to rent out the space.

Owning a Home with Trees, Shrubs and Privacy Foliage

I think we all enjoy a few trees. But can trees, shrubs and privacy foliage actually increase your homes value? You bet! Add them for decoration or for function, these items are a fun and inexpensive way to add value to your home and some much needed shade and privacy…if you are in to that kind of thing!


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