5 Helpful Tips To Make Your Expectations Meet Your Home Buying Realization?

I know I’ve heard this a million times and often it’s very true: “Anticipation of something is (often) greater than the something itself”. I’m sure I butchered that but you get my drift.

Buying a homeThe same can be said for starting out buying a new home.

You generally start out with an idea of what you want, which can grow as the anticipation grows. Now you have to take that anticipation and sprinkle in both the expectation of what you want and temper it with the reality of what you need to realize your dreams of what your new home looks like…and perhaps feels like.

Now, we all know you can’t have all you want…but, you should be able to have all you need when it comes to buying a home.

These 5 simple tips will help keep your expectations in line with the reality of your real estate goals.

  1. Know How Much Your Can Afford – This doesn’t mean how much loan your can get rather how much you must plan to pay every month over and above your monthly mortgage. When buying a home, you first must plan for other unknowns like taxes, insurance and possible homeowners dues associated with your new home. Have a long, hard conversation about what your monthly home budget really…I mean really looks like before you get started.
  2. Recurring Maintenance Expenses – Other budgetary items to keep in mind are those always present monthly items like garbage, lawn and exterior maintenance that add up. Some Homeowner Associations have requirements to maintaining the exterior of your home and landscaping.
  3. 2 story home vs. 1 story home – I’ve had clients who must have a 2 story home. I will often help them realize a 1,500 sq. ft. 1 story home is bigger (feeling) than a 1,500 2 story home. The expectation of having more room simply because you have 2 stories is quickly dismissed and many clients find a single level home more roomy and easier to upkeep.
  4. Big Yard – This one comes up quite a bit! Keep in mind, you can likely find more house for the money on a smaller lot and still be near a park or recreational facility to get that open space fix! Sometimes giving up a larger yard for a larger house is also a good financial move as well!
  5. Gotta Have a View – Certainly an item on mosts ‘wish-list’ for sure. However, these views do come at a price. Now, you don’t want to be looking at your neighbors across the way either so you need to find the right balance here. Just remember, the cost of a view might come at the cost of the size and comfort of what’s really important…

Keeping your expectations in line with what’s really important will make the home buying experience more fun…and won’t make it as hard to find!


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