What about me?

What do you think is the single best investment? For years I’ve told anyone that would listen, real estate is the best investment. Maybe I was wrong (don’t choke) yes, I’m actually admitting it.

My husband recently teased me about how much money I spend on my gym membership and health products. I quickly snapped back at him “I’m investing in myself and I’m worth it”!

Think about that for a few minutes…if you’re not investing in your own wellbeing, how in the world can you be prepared to invest in anything? Doesn’t everything start with you?

The advantages of a regimented health & wellness program have more than just physical benefits. It builds character, establishes discipline, creates good work habits, all the while building self-esteem & lessening our stress load.

Once you’ve invested in your physical self, developing a better, stronger you. Diversify your investments; expand your knowledge (go back to school), seek counseling to learn to deal with issues that are buried deep inside, kick addictions to the curb, start a savings account making regular deposits (all the money you’re saving by kicking addictions and banning junk food will make this an easy habit. Just giving up a stop at the coffee stand every morning will provide you a $4 – $5.00 deposit into the savings account).

$4.00 X 30 days = $120
$120 X 12 months = $1440
$1440 X 5 short years = $7200 interest not included
(think back 5 years, it really wasn’t that long ago)

After just a few short years, you are now ready to invest in real estate. You’ve just saved enough for a down payment on a home loan.

Maybe the “me” generation really does have it figured out…



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